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Technology marketing content that is on target. Succinct. Compelling. That's what I deliver.


Writing about complex technology with nuanced messaging and positioning is my forte. My style blends my backgrounds in advertising, PR, journalism, B2B, and B2C communications. Plus many years writing about networking, software, A.I., managed cloud services, IoT, and much more.


I love Joyce and Fitzgerald. But communications today must be written for the attention span of goldfish. With the brevity of rap or haiku. 


I work much like a journalist. That means:

  • Reviewing your projects and materials carefully and asking questions

  • Interviewing project, marketing, and product  managers or executives, customers or partners, as required 

  • Researching, if necessary, to gain insights and data points

  • Crafting an outline that meets your approval

  • Drafting and fine-tuning written work you'll be proud to represent your company   


Gene Knauer

Senior Content Marketing Writer for Technology Companies.


Podcasts & Video

I was 11 years old.  I was reading the Tintin series of illustrated books.  And I decided I wanted to be a writer. 

A decade later I got a degree in journalism.  Then I scribbled and typed my way as an advertising copywriter, PR writer, and freelance journalist.  Ultimately, I found my comfy niche writing marketing communications for technology companies. B2B, B2C, channel, and internal corporate communications, too. The sales and marketing projects I've worked on have led to hundreds of millions of dollars in successful sales for companies in the U.S. and abroad.

I'm also a ghost writer. Articles, books, and ebooks anyone? I've done all of the above. My articles have appeared in many magazines, including CIO.Com, Communications News, Computerworld, Dataquest, Entrepreneur, Forbes, The Futurist,  the Los Angeles Times, Mobile World Congress Daily, Packet Magazine, and World Commerce Review

In 2016, I gathered my thoughts on content marketing writing in a book, "Herding Goldfish: The Professional Content Marketing Writer in an Age of Digital Media and Short Attention Spans." And I've added further insights and experiences in a blog series



“Gene is the 'cream of the crop' when it comes to technical writing for either a technical or business audience. I have worked with him on many projects, including many at the same time, and it's amazing how organized he is and his ability to shift mindsets from one technical topic to the next. I highly recommend Gene to any tech company looking for a well versed writer." 
― LaSandra Brill, Head of Digital Planning and Analytics, NVIDIA


“Gene is a passionate, technology-savvy writer with excellent people skills. He's a pleasure to work with, really understands different buyer audiences (such as service provider and enterprise) and personas, and is a great asset to any team. I highly recommend him."
― Melissa Schumann, Marketing Communications Manager, Cisco Systems 


“Gene is an amazing person and writer. We have worked together on many projects, including software, diversity, and enterprise collaboration. I'm constantly impressed with his ability to deeply understand subjects and quickly generate value through his writing, editing and marketing skills. I strongly recommend Gene if he is available. Feel free to contact me for more specifics."
― Tricia Baker, Vice President, Customer Success, Vendini 


“I worked with Gene on several technical papers at Cisco. He has an amazing ability to clearly communicate complex and technical information. Gene consistently creates clear and thorough documentation. Gene was fantastic with the customers he interviewed for our success stories. He independently led these customer sessions, and I was always impressed with the quality of his work."
― Chris Hohman, Entrepreneurs in Residents Program, Cisco Systems 




Let's discuss your writing needs, whether by the project or as ongoing writing and editorial assignments.  


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